George Michael Reveals Twitter Upset With Fry


Love it or loath it,  micro-blogging and social network site Twitter is alive with feeling and watched like a hawk by media types hungry for a story!

George Michael used the site to reveal details of a falling-out between himself and top entertainer and king twitter user Stephen Fry.


The former Wham! singer, who has been an avid twitter user since coming out of prison for bashing into Snappy Snaps, opened up about the spat on the site.

George,  who has been in a highly emotional state since his release was asked by a follower on twitter, why he was no longer following Fry on the site –

Michael wrote:   "I’m afraid I have my reasons…but you would have to ask Stephen what I might be disappointed about. Believe me, I was a fan, I really liked him…"

He then went on to say: "I have to explain, Stephen did nothing directly, but…his producer said something publicly that was such a dreadful lie I thought about legal action.

"And I was shocked that, given the nature of our friendship until then, Stephen never called me to explain or distance himself from the liar."

He added: " I was just terribly hurt that yet another gay man seemed happy to let me hang out to dry for the entertainment of homophobes.

"Having said that, I still think Stephen is a lovely man….and a huge talent."

But it’s clear that George would rather end a friendship with Fry over something that Fry had no control over.    Fry may be a very popular entertainer with supreme intellect,  however, just like the rest of us,  he cant control the mind and voice of others.

George Michael may be angry that he hasn’t been asked back to appear on QI.

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