Gay Brighton couple hope to be first elected councillors together.


It could be a first for any British council,  if a gay couple from Brighton succeed in their hope they to become the first civil partners to be elected as councillors at the same time.


Peter Booth, a businessman, and Kelvin Poplett, a travel agent, are standing as Tory candidates for East Brighton ward next month alongside Chris Sandland, who was a founder member of Stonewall.

The ward’s three seats are currently held by Labour councillors Gill Mitchell, Warren Morgan and Craig Turton.

Mr Poplett said: “We are fighting to win.”

The chairman of gay Conservative group LGBTory, Matthew Sephton, said: “For Peter and Kelvin to be elected together as civil partners could well be yet another first for the LGBT community.“

“How any gay man in this city could stand as a Tory is beyond my understanding” Said one local resident. “The current government is undermining the safety and security of this city with the numerous cuts striking at the heart of the gay community”  They complained.  “So far seven local gay groups have either had to close or drastically reduce their services because of the cuts.   How can any gay man with self respect or care for the gay community think of standing as a Tory councillor”

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