Victoria Labor Leader Backs Gay Marriage


Australian Equal rights advocates have welcomed the sualtport for gay marriage by Victorian Opposition leader Daniel Andrews, who has become the fourth Labor state leader to back marriage equality.

Speaking with ABC Radio on Friday, April 8, Andrews (pictured) said: "I, like a growing number of Victorians, believe that it’s unfair that same-sex couples in Victoria – indeed right across Australia – are not able to exercise the option".

"The Commonwealth Marriage Act obviously is a Federal act, I think that a growing number of Victorians and Australians are coming to the view that this is unfair."

Andrews follows Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson and Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings to throw their support behind the rights of same-sex couples to marry.

National convenor of Australian Marriage Equality Alex Greenwich said Andrews’ support were encouraging, especially in the lead up to the ALP National Conference where gay marriage will be high on the agenda.

"[Andrews] joins a growing chorus of support within the ALP, who represent the views of a majority of Australians, and even bigger majority of ALP voters,” Greenwich said.

"This level of support and advocacy from within the top ranks of the ALP will be key to delivering the outcome that a majority of of Australians will want from Labor’s National Conference later this year"

Andrews’ support adds extra pressure on the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who has consistently opposed calls to consider marriage equality or meet same-sex couples and families affected by the gay marriage ban.

The ALP National Conference will be held in December.

More coverage – SX News – Australia’s leading gay and lesbian news source

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