UK Soap’s Have A Battle Of The Gays!


It would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago,  but British soap operas are going through a bit of a battle at the moment, in a battle for who can deliver the best and most gay storyline!

Syed and Christian are set to tie the knot

It’s true that UK soaps have often had gay characters, remember the lesbian kiss in Brookside, long before such things were fashionable. Then of course there was the infamous gay couple Colin and Barry in EastEnders,  who were so ‘un’affectionate it beyond understanding that they were indeed a ‘couple’


But now,  it rather seems that there is a real battle between  EastEnders  and Coronation Street to get the best gay storyline and win over the army of gay fans.

Following on from the major success of the whole Aaron’s Gay and Coming Out story that rocked the Dales in Emerdale.  Played to perfection by the lovely Danny Miller.  Corrie and Enders want a slice of the action.

Ender’s have gone down the marriage route, and are said to be planning the soap’s first civil partnership.  Yep,  it’s true according to reports, Christian Clarke will pop the question to boyfriend Syed Masood  in scenes that are due to be screened next month.


“Christian and Syed have had a colourful and controversial relationship in Albert Square from day one. Syed felt torn between his Muslim faith and how he felt in his heart”  So said an insider to the Daily Mirror newspaper,  so it must be true!   “He went ahead with his marriage to Amira despite telling his mum about his feelings for Christian – and those feelings have not gone away.”

Apparently according to that so called insider the makers are also said to be discussing plans for the gay couple to have a child by surrogate.

Whilst the northern soap rival Corrie, has already got the ball rolling on that idea, oh yes, Sean and Marcus, the two top gay characters in the soap are already set to become parents.

They will bring up Sean’s toddler Dylan after his mother Violet asks them to take care of him.  Sean,  played by the lovely Antony Cotton,  helped Violet conceive Dylan four years ago when she and boyfriend Jamie had fertility issues.

Antony Cotton will become a 'hands on dad'

Now,  according to another newspaper,  this time The Sun,  so again it must be true,  Violets relationship turns sticky and she asks Sean to care for the kid,  and thus  make them the soap’s first gay parents.

It’s all rather exciting in soap land,  all rather gay and about time to!

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